Company Profile

The company ingeniTRON GmbH & Co. KG was founded in October 2001 by the two graduate engineers Hoss Hirsch and Christopher Saile, who were beforehand working together in a medium sized company of the electronic industry. Contrary to the downward economic trend, they succeed in leading the company to a constant growth. Thoughtful investments, 100% financed by own capital, assuring growing technical know how on the one hand and the financial independence on the other hand. Today, our satisfied customers are from Germany as well as from the United States and the far east.

The Company's Head

Christopher Saile finished his studies at the at the University GH Siegen as an engineer in 1994. After his diploma, he started working on intrinsic safety devices and sensors at Rudolph Logic Systems. In 1997, he changed to the optoelectronic department at Pepperl+Fuchs where he developed various sensors from the first idea to their series maturity. Later on at the process automation division of P+F, he was responsible for the mass production transfer of a large array of EX approved intrinsic safe measuring transducers and isolation amplifiers devices.
Christopher Saile
Hoss Hirsch
Hoss Hirsch was studying telecommunications until 1995 at the Technical University of Darmstadt. After finishing his studies as graduate engineer, he was first working as a development engineer on the field of flow measurement technique. Subsequently, he worked for several years as development engineer for optoelectronic sensors. Since 1999 he lead this development group and was among others responsible for the coordination of several international development projects in USA, Singapore, Hungary and Germany.